How it works

Wonder Reactor™ is a portable robotic cooker

Insert 3 food boxes into Wonder Reactor and enjoy tasty food with zero effort. Saving you hours in your workweek.

Forget about meal prep, cooking and cleaning up!

Wonder Reactor™ is with you at home and on the go.

Food boxes

There we keep fresh, rich-nutrient ingredients that are input for the automated food preparation. The ingredients are already chopped and seasoned. You slide food boxes into Wonder Reactor for max. 3 meals.

Innovative mechanism

Magically prepares food in a safe way. A smart system flows ingredients to the food processor. 

Food processor

Blending and heating different doses of ingredients to produce delicious soups, shakes and smoothies.


Plug food boxes. Push the button. Enjoy your meal.


Dieticians select carefully the best recipes that match your lifestyle.


Service customization on budget. Flexible order cancelation.

Let us do a favour for you:

We care about your diet, you do the rest in your life.

Enjoy energy, productivity and health. You are one step ahead to improve your well-being. Time to invest in yourself.

Trust your gut feeling. Try out our nutrition solution!

This smart bottle-sized device is perfect for travel, home office or workspace.

May help with symptoms of allergies, headaches, irritability and stress.