Our Story

Why did we launch Wonder Reactor ™ ?

We are slow travellers. During the long trips in the middle of nowhere, we feel so hangry (hungry&angry).
Hassle-free meal prep on the go is our dream. Our more efficient clean process means you won’t make a mess even when travelling.

So we invented the portable kitchen robot that requires zero setup.

On the flip side, we represent a clean label policy. The junky convenient food is our foe.

We, our relatives and friends have experienced chronic diseases, mental breakdowns, cancer cases, or even worse, suicides. A fast-paced, sedentary lifestyle is unnatural for us. A vast majority of health cases can be prevented by proper diet.

Dietary regeneration restores your physical and mental health.

Your eating habits are the first chapter of your journey to healthier and happier you.

Wonder Reactor gives you stress-free life where you rely on affordable and rich-nutrient meal kit. We give you a tool that enables you to live life to the full. Invest in your health through a suitable meal plan. Win extra free time eliminating hassle around meal prep, cooking and shopping.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of food nutrition for everyone which is easy to access via technology and can help eliminate food disorders in modern society.

The primary motivation is to eradicate eating disorders in society. Regular eating habits improve gut-mind connection that leverage vitality, well-being, physical health.

Everyone should have access to high-quality ingredients and nutritious meals. Dietary knowledge isn’t necessary when we rely on data-driven recommendations.

Social diseases are end-result of inappropriate diet.

90% of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented by diet.

Eating disorders lead to depression.

Our nutrition solution is 3P


Adjusting diet to your lifestyle is a hard task. Many things are counterintuitive. Is anything still intriguing to you?

Set up a meeting with the qualified dietician online. We can hang out by:

  • video chat
  • chat
  • call
  • email

Dietician gives you a preventive diet advise to live your life the fullest each day.


By request, we offer a highly personalized meal kit delivery.

In our meal plan, you find all necessary vitamins and minerals for you. The benefits of the program are improved when you confirm data-driven diet recommendations.

Data speaks 100s times more about you than a regular interview. That is a reason why we decide to collect relevant data about your lifestyle. That helps us to define the status of your immune system and regeneration capabilities.

Each of you is unique. The same with diet. AI-driven diet recommendation overcomes the obstacles. This helps dieticians to make better health decisions for you.


You help us to tailor the best solution to you. We encourage you to keep in touch to give us your constant feedback what are your everyday diet-related issues.

Share with us your feelings about the product. We are building it specially for you – a well-being seeker that wants to maximize free time and enjoy healthy, well-balanced diet!

Get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or by email.

We support AiMind charity

We license our patented technology to AiMind Charity. Their goal is to popularize healthy food habits.

AiMind Charity explores Blue Zones and discovers the secret of their wellbeing.