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Online dietician

Detox, weight loss, reducing health issues. Our crew is willing to help you achieve your goals.

Meal plan

Our favourite meals and the self-cooking machine that will help you on the way to a healthier and more cheerful you.


It has never been so convenient to speak to your nutrition adviser!

A Quick and flexible way to discuss your diet concerns. We make health accessible to everyone. Check out offer customization to stay within your budget.

Rapid consultation

Get the evidence-backed answer to the question that bothers you

1 question by email vs. 15 minutes video chat

  • Detox
  • Weight loss
  • Switching to veganism
  • Keto newbee
  • Pregnacy and nutrition
  • Chronic irratibility
  • Long-term stress
  • Reading food labels
  • Anything else you want to explore

Standard diet advisory

Adjustment of your basic routine and core eating habits

60 minutes video chat

  • A conversation about your current food habits, lifestyle, preferences and finding remedies
  • An in-depth discussion about your concerns
  • Identify key aspects worth to improve in your lifestyle
  • Educate yourself about reducing food waste at home
  • Learn more about instilling healthy food habits in your children

Change your life

Start a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Video chat, between 45 and 90 minutes

  • End-to-end nutrition advisory
  • Regular meetings on weekly basis
  • Tips & tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Ongoing support between sessions
  • Choose the level of the game:
    🐣 from Moderate Transformation Plan
    👾 to Drastic Lifestyle Change

Not sure what the best for you?

Consult with us for FREE.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. We don’t support clinical cases.


Miniaturized & automated restaurant in your hand

Your Personal Chef to takeaway. Wonder Reactor cooks a variety of recipes automatically. Plugin prepared ingredients from your meal kit delivery service.

Wonder Reactor

Portable and automated meal preparation with zero effort.

Earn an extra hour a day.

  • Food preparation at regular intervals
  • Extractor blade
  • Heating module
  • 600-watt motor base sourced
  • Accumulator charge on USB-port

Wonder Reactor & meal kit delivery service

Order food boxes full of food ingredients for your fresh meals. Wonder Reactor gratis!

  • Ready-to-plugin food boxes in your Wonder Reactor
  • Individual meal plan based on your lifestyle, preferences, craving
  • Organic and rich-nutrient menu
  • Allergy-program on demand
  • Flexible delivery and order cancellation