We strongly believe that healthy food habits make you more productive and boost your well-being.

We are a person-driven company. Feel free to contact us.


Monika Piekarska
Co-Founder & CEO

Monika speaks the language of IT and business. As an inventor, she designs the food supply system where Wonder Reactor is embedded. As a data visualization consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, Monika brings excessive experience in data and business analysis. Monika digs into a brain-gut connection to make people aware of eating habits.

🍜 fav dish: Tteok-bokki

Maria Stachurska
Nutrition Consultant

Qualified dietician graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw. She specializes in the vegan diet. Maria cooks from food waste and is our fount of knowledge about health and crazy-but-true food facts. Prominently based in market research about the eating habits of students in universities. Maria has experience in creating a diet, monitoring diet progress for the patients.

🍜 fav dish: Vegetarian curry