Technology transfer

Wonder Reactor™ technology scales up your business

Deliver highly personalized meal kit delivery with the highest level of nutrients! Innovative packages combined with a smart kitchen appliance, IoT, blockchain and AI.

The smart vending machine is here!

The system listens & observes customers and serves a perfect meal. Everything is authorized only with your brand.

High-quality nutrients

Deliver your ingredients similarly to coffee capsules in a high-pressure coffee machine. Food producer delivers you food boxes full of goodies.

Your products stay fresh and highly nutritious for long.

Your personal chef

Innovative kitchen appliance packed with IoT, blockchain and sensors. Insert food boxes and  enjoy tasty food with zero effort.

Only your food boxes are compatible with Wonder Reactor. It’s a game-changing way to maximize a dose of vitamins and minerals!

Sell and advise online

Manage orders. Upsell and cross-sell. Recommend new services diet based on customer’s health, goals and preferences.

What are the benefits of the business license?

A new source of revenue

Expand your network of customers and partners.


Build customer loyalty. Our license supports relation-oriented business models.

Hack the crisis

Ensure a stable position during the crisis. Jump into creativity and innovation.

New business opportunities

Your actual group of customers would love this product! Diversifying your offer will reduce financial risks in your business.

Highly competitive

Gain a competitive and exclusive advantage of monopoly production.

Funding guaranteed

Intellectual property rights, patents maximize out the score of application for funds.

Wonder Reactor explained

It’s time to pivot in your business model

Explore a blue ocean with Wonder Reactor™
Our market research proves a high interest in our technology in fitness and gastronomy industry.

Take your business to the next level. The sky is the limit.

Who is the license for?

Every entrepreneur that is going to introduce product or process innovation into the business.

Anyone that is going to apply for EU funds, grants, startup accelerators, R&D funding.

We provide a license for an innovate solution worldwide. Get in touch to discover our patent portfolio.

We approach flexible to conditions of the license:

  • License the whole or part of the solution
  • Specify the license area
  • Pay for the license fixed price or % of shares once you start to generate the revenue!

Customer needs

More free time

Time-saver in shopping and cooking. Decision making about food must be more relaxed, quicker, healthier.

Less food waste

Food shopping and cooking must be optimized to minimize food waste.

More smart kitchen applience

Due to COVID-19, smart household goods are more and more trendy.

More discoveries

A continuous search for solutions which improve wellbeing and switch into good habits.

Get in touch!