Robotic cooker

Fresh & tasty meals anywhere, anytime next to you.

Meal kit

Only natural ingredients. Nutrient-rich meals adjusted to your lifestyle.

Nutrition consultant

Quick & easy access to your diet adviser online.

I know a lot about nutrition because I suffer from a food allergy. I’m sick of food fact-checking on the Internet. Wonder Reactor advisors are well-qualified. They provide a range of services: quick Q&A and 1-hour video chats. That’s great because it is affordable for everyone. Before shopping or trying a new recipe I can debunk all myths.


Why Wonder Reactor is so extraordinary?

A portable cooker

Take it with you wherever life takes you. Before mealtime, Wonder Reactor blends and heats all ingredients. Fresh and right away prepared meals give you the max. dose of vitamins and minerals.

One extra hour a day

Prepare 3 meals in 10 seconds. Impossible? Put our food boxes to Wonder Reactor. Our smart meal preparation does the job for you! Saving up to one hour a day makes one day off a month!

Stress-free cooking

Prepare your food effortlessly on the train or in the car. Our food boxes are made from safe, BPA-free, airtight and temperature resistant materials. Recharge Wonder Reactor with USB cable. Enjoy self-cleaning mode.

High-quality ingredients from the farm

Discover a sphere of natural flavors. We promote clean label policy: no sweetener, no preservative, no thickeners, no stabilizer. For allergy sufferers, we include recipes free of allergens.

Why do we need Wonder Reactor?

Social diseases are repercussions of inappropriate diet.

We guide you on how to find your way to feel happier and healthier.