OnePlus Getting Back in the World of Smart Watch Games

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OnePlus is making another run by making a smart watch for game with name of Watch 2. The company has claimed that this smart watch has battery timing of 100 hours. It is also said that it will be available in silver and black colors. On Feb 25th, 2024 it will share more at the Mobile World Congress this Sunday.

Watch 2 of OnePlus has sapphire crystal watch face and stainless steel chassis and it will also feature meticulous health monitoring. The claim of company for 100 hours battery timing requires that what it is calling “smart mode” which is just weirdest way of calling “lower-power mode”.

OnePlus wants to be an ecosystem builder.

That means this watch has actually less battery life as compare to other smart watches of One Plus that was about 10days during review of The Verge back in 2021. Watch has no voice assistant, no third party app support and it has bad fitness tracking. But it is not like the 100 hours is bad battery life. Apple watch Ultra 2 is battery champ watch and it can work almost 60 hours in low power mode.

One Plus Watch 2has a lot of work to do to improve it. It is suggested by Victoria Song that it is so bad that it has ruined her birthday in 2021 when she reviewed it for Gizmodo. President of OnePlus Kinder Liu acknowledged its bad watch in announcement by saying that company took reflective pause afterward and it is trying to transform it from Flagship Killer to Ecosystem builder. By giving short battery life means that it will be more as smart watch with proper functions.

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