UN Security Council Passes Resolution Calling for an Immediate End to Hostilities in Gaza

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The UNSC demands the release of all prisoners and a “lasting, sustainable ceasefire” in Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza.
The United States abstains from voting, but the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) demands an immediate truce between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip, as well as the release of all prisoners.

The resolution, which was put forth by the council’s ten elected members, received the support of the remaining fourteen council members. Following the vote on Monday, there was a round of applause in the council chamber.

The resolution demands that Hamas release prisoners taken on October 7 when it led attacks on Israel and begs for an immediate truce during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which concludes in two weeks.

The resolution’s sponsor and current member of the Arab bloc’s Security Council, Amar Bendjama, the ambassador of Algeria, stated, “The bloodbath has continued for far too long.” “At last, the Security Council is taking accountability for its actions.”

When civilian casualties rise and the UN issues a warning about an approaching famine in Gaza, the US has been more and more irate with its friend, the US having previously blocked Security Council resolutions that placed pressure on Israel.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield accused Hamas for the delay in approving a ceasefire resolution in her remarks following the voting.

She explained that the US abstained because “we did not agree with everything with the resolution.”

“We requested to add a condemnation of Hamas, but some important edits were ignored,” Thomas-Greenfield claimed. She emphasized that more humanitarian supplies would be sent into the besieged coastal enclave as a result of the liberation of Israeli hostages.
According to the White House, the final resolution lacked wording that the US deems necessary, and its lack of vote does not signify a change in policy.

However, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the US’s decision not to veto the resolution represents a “clear retreat” from its prior stance and will harm both the war campaign against Hamas and the attempts to free Israeli prisoners detained in Gaza.

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