Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Admitted to Hospital due to Bladder Issue

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Pentagon said late on Sunday that Defense Secretary of United States; Lloyd Austin has been admitted in hospital to critical care unit as he is facing the symptoms suggesting the bladder issue according to doctors.

According to statement, a series of evaluations and tests has been conducted after the secretary was admitted into ICU at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for close monitoring and supportive care.

Hospitalization of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin comes after some weeks of emergence that 70 years old Lloyd Austin had kept his previous hospitalization record secret and he had not informed about his health issue to US President Joe Biden about his cancer diagnosis. Now criticism is faced by United States as criticism is sparking in Ukraine and Middle East.

Lloyd Austin also disappeared from public eye in December for his effective treatment of prostate cancer and in January he suffered severe complications from his treatment procedures.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Admitted to Hospital in Critical Care Unit

But now this time public was alerted after 2 hours when he got admit in hospital on Sunday afternoon. According to Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder, after hospitalization of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin; deputy secretary of Defence Kathleen Hicks take over charge of duties and functions of defense chief at 5pm.

According to Dr Gregory Chesnut and Dr John Maddox of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at Maryland that it is not clear now that how long Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will remain hospitalized.

It is also said that the current bladder issue is not expected to alter his full anticipated recovery. But his cancer prognosis remains excellent.

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