Google Meet Update Has Brought Companion Mode for Mobile Devices

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Introduction of Google Meet

Google meet is video conferencing platform. Any person who has Google account can create online meeting with almost 100 participants and meet for 60 mints per meeting. With the help of Google Meet hardware, you can join the meeting just by tapping your touch screen.

In this article, we’ll discuss about new Google Meet update featuring the addition of companion mode to mobile phones.

Latest Google Meet Update

Latest Google Meet update brings the companion mode to the mobile devices. Before this update, companion mode was only available for desktops or laptops. From starting of this week, users of Google Meet will be able to enjoy by taking advantage of companion mode on their iOS or Android devices.

It seems like that app of Google Meet has received special attention in the search giants in last 2 weeks. Several updates are already on their way for Google Meet users in this year and much more are expected in near future.

Latest Google Meet Update

Key Features of Google Meet Update 

When user is not able to use big devices such as desktop or laptops for meeting, companion mode will be useful in spaces of meetings. For those people who have not yet experienced the Google Meet update companion mode, just have a look on following key features:

  • Share an emoji during meeting without interrupting the speaker.
  • Check into meeting room to be identified by your name.
  • Exchange your chat messages during the meeting with other participants.
  • If you want to speak, just raise your hand.
  • Zoom in and view the presented content easily on your own device.

Although Google Meet has already introduced this feature but it will take almost 2 weeks to make it available for everyone. Companion mode is available for all individual customers and also at Google Workspaces for the users having their personal Google Accounts.


By summing up this article, we can say that if you want to take advantage of Google Meet update; you must have Gmail version of 2024.01.28 and Google Meet Version 229 on Android devices. If you are iPhone user, you will need Gmail 6.0.231231 and Google Meet 225.0.

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