Launch Time of NASA’s SpaceX IM-1 Moon Lander on 14th Feb

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On Wednesday morning of 14th Feb 2024, NASA SpaceX will launch its moon lander that built privately for the company Intuitive Machines. If you are curious that when and where it will lift off, this article will cover all the information regarding SpaceX IM-1 launch.

Mission of SpaceX IM-1 Launch

IM-1 mission will launch first Nova-C space craft for Intuitive Machine Company from the Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida. The time for its lift off is schedules for 12:57a.m. EST (GMT).

Intuitive Machine Company has named it as Odysseus that is expected to land on moon on22 Feb 2024and will deliver the experiments for commercial customers and NASA under the contract of $118 million with NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program.

When and How will SpaceX IM-1 Launch?

Although SpaceX planned to launch the IM-1 mission in January but then they postponed its flight due to bad weather and other SpaceX launch.SpaceXIM-1 will must launch on Feb 14 during 3 day windows in this week and it will reach its target location on 22 Feb according to NASA officials.

Mission of SpaceX IM-1 Launch

Can you Watch SpaceX IM-1 Launch Online?

Off course yes, you will be able to watch the lunar Lander SpaceX IM-1 Launch for Company of Intuitive Machines and NASA in free live streams online. NASA will try to provide live streaming of SpaceX IM-1 Launch at 12:15 a.m. that will be broadcasted live on NASA TV, NASA website and agency of NASA+ streaming channel.

SpaceX will also provide the webcast of its IM-1 mission on its X-account (Twitter) that will start 15 mints before its liftoff. Simultaneously, Intuitive Machine Company will also host the same webcast of NASA on its official IM-1 mission website. will also host live broadcast on their home page and YouTube channel.

Viewers will be able to see last minutes of prelaunch preparations for Falcon 9 Rocket that include the fuels for final launch.  After 8 minutes of liftoff, 1st stage of Falcon 9 will return back to earth and will land at landing zone of SpaceX.

How Long is the Mission of IM-1 Odysseus?

The Mission of IM-1 Odysseus to the moon will complete in 16 days. If successful, this mission will make the 1st ever private landing on moon and 1st US landing since Apollo 17 Mission of NASA in 1972. If SpaceX IM-1 will be landed on time, Intuitive Machine has plan of 9 day trip to moon including 7 days on surface of moon. According to mission overview, this mission will be end when 2 weeks long lunar nights start.

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