Launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Mobiles with AI Technology

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The latest launch of Samsung mobile phones in Galaxy line is company’s 1st attempt in world of mobile AI (artificial intelligence) that comprises of tons of new features.  These features involve better battery and advanced camera as compare to previous Galaxy S line mobile phones.

The features of Samsung GlaxayS24 along with its new AI features are discussed in this article, let have a look on them. Before we dive deep, you must be familiar of artificial intelligence (AI). AI means the perception of human intelligence y using different software codes.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

To check the technical stuff, the 1st and foremost thing that is more noticeable is that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is big enough with the screen of 6.8 inches that is almost the size of a phablet. This feature makes it feel good in your hands and you don’t feel bulky in your pocket.

 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in pocket

This mobile phone is made from recycles steel which make it more secure if you drop it from your hand accidently. To provide more peace of mind, Corning Gorilla Armor screen is added.

If we talk about screen, this mobile phone has 120Hzrefresh rate, QHD+ feature and AMOLED2x dynamic display. All these screen features make the streaming video fantastic.

Let’s have look on out of box, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has charger and S Pen stylus.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with S Pen stylus

The use of stylus is little bit learning curve because it helps in phone navigation and also makes the use of other features easy. Stylus just pops out right into phone and also creates convenience for storage.

Camera Features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung is also having good reputation because of having best cameras in the market but the launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has just exploded its own records. This mobile phone camera has the range from 10-meagpixel telephoto lens to 200-megapixel wide camera with 5 back facing cameras.

5 back facing cameras of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

It has the zoom ability of 100x which can capture the things without any distortion in pixels. So, we can say that this phone can take photos of super high quality with great depth and capturing real color of photos.

Zoom Feature of Samsung Galaxy S24

AI Photo Editing Feature

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has come up with generative AI photo editing feature that allow the user to add or remove any subject from photo completely. If you use S Pen, then it is super easy for you to select the things more precisely.

Normalize the Use of AI while Using Mobile Phone

Major goal of Samsung Galaxy S24 series is to incorporate the AI in daily life. That’s why this phone is full of AI features to perform the user tasks more efficiently. Some of its AI features are following;

  • Summarize Web Article with Samsung Browser

For example, if a person is using Samsung Built-in browser then there is a option to translate and summarize the web pages and articles. The thing that you have you do is to just click on AI option and then chose which one of its feature you want to use. If you want summary of any article, it will write the summary by summing up the article in few bullet points. Honestly speaking, it the best ever feature.

Summarize Web Article with Samsung Galaxy S24

  • Chat Assistant

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra also has the feature of chat assistant which feels like a mini editor in your pocket. It just evaluates the chat that you write, analyze it and suggest you different ways to deliver your message in different tones depending upon the type of your conversation. Additionally, it also suggests replies according to messages.

  • Samsung Notes

The app of Samsung notes also get boost from AI. Along with translational and summarizing options, AI can form notes for you, turn them into bullet points and can also transcribe the different video recordings.

Price Range of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung Galaxy S24 series is out now in market and you can purchase according to following price list;

  • Samsung Galaxy S24        = $799
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+     = $ 999
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra = $1,299

You can get up to $650 off for S24+, up to $550 off for Galaxy S24 and up to $750 off for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Just visit the site

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